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Botox Treatments

Look Your Best, Feel Your Best

At Westhill Dental, we understand the importance of looking and feeling your best. Our Botox treatments are tailored to help you look your absolute best and boost confidence in your appearance. Whether you want a subtle change or a more drastic one, our services can help you achieve the results that will make you feel beautiful!

Why Choose Westhill Dental For Botox Treatments?

Westhill Dental is proud to offer exceptional service from highly trained professionals specializing in Botox treatments. Dr. Paffenroth has years of experience providing the highest quality care with an individualized approach for each patient. We use only FDA-approved products with proven results, so you can be confident when deciding on us for all your cosmetic needs!

What Is Botox? How Does It Work?

Botox is an injectable treatment of botulinum toxin proteins that temporarily paralyze certain facial muscles responsible for wrinkles and creases. These proteins block nerve signals responsible for muscle contractions, reducing dynamic wrinkles like frown lines and crow’s feet around the eyes. The result is smoother skin without disrupting natural expressions or emotions – leaving patients looking younger with minimal downtime needed after treatment!

Get A Wrinkle Free Skin With Botox Treatment

Our team at Westhill Dental specializes in wrinkle reduction using safe and effective methods such as botulinum toxin injections (Botox). This treatment relaxes facial muscles while smoothing out existing wrinkles and preventing new ones from forming over time – making it perfect if maintaining youthful skin is important to you!

Why Would I Get Botox From A Dentist?

Medical professionals like dentists specialize in studying facial anatomy, giving them unique insight into how different aspects of their patient’s face work together, allowing them to provide optimal aesthetic outcomes when working on procedures such as Botox injections. Not only that, but because dentists also study oral health, they know exactly how certain toxins used during procedures interact with other body parts before administering anything – giving patients peace of mind knowing their safety comes first every time!

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Tina Paalman

I smiled all day after my appointment with Westhill Dental. I got two implants and I am so happy. I would recommend everyone to go to get there dentistry done there. Dr Trenton and staff are amazing and caring. They put my mind at ease and helped me through everything.i used to hate going to the dentist but now I look forward to it. Westhill dental educates you and explains every step. I am proud to say I go to Westhill Dental and I will tell everyone I know they are the best.

Abigail Vernon

Great experience today at my first appointment at Westhill Dental in Greenville! Billie was great with being very informative on my x rays, my cleaning, and tips and tricks for future preventative care. Dr Trent was out of the office this week on vacation but I got to meet Dr Ian. I was more than impressed with how personable he was, definitely not the norm with any “medical” appointment. He took the time to explain terms I didn’t understand as well as explain the different options I had for my future dental health. Highly recommend and will be recommending this office to all!

Jen Jirschele

This was my first experience and I appreciate the care that Nicole showed during my cleaning. She explained everything that she was doing and looking for during my new patient visit. Dr. Trent did the same and was very kind and personable. He explained what he was looking for and took the time to have a conversation to connect. I am truly glad I made the switch to Westhill Dental!😁

Emery Seiy

I have been a patient at Westhill Dental for about a year and I have nothing but good to say about Dr. Trent and his team. They are professional but yet so friendly and welcoming. I feel like family in just this short time. I have had exams/cleanings, a sleep study and a crown, and It has been a great experience. So glad I found them! Thank you for the great care.

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