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Greenville's Top Snap-In Implant Dentures

Snap-In Implant Dentures

What Are Snap-In Implant Dentures?

Snap-In Implant Dentures, also known as implant-supported overdentures, are a type of denture that attaches to dental implants. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically placed into the jawbone to support dental prosthetics such as dentures.

Snap-in dentures have special attachments that “snap” onto corresponding attachments on the dental implants. This provides a more secure and stable fit compared to traditional removable dentures, which rely on adhesives or suction to stay in place. The implants serve as anchors for the dentures, preventing them from slipping or moving during activities such as eating or speaking.

Securing your dentures with dental implants offers numerous advantages:

Snap-In Implant Dentures vs. Traditional Dentures

While traditional dentures are generally aesthetically pleasing and offer a cost-effective solution for replacing damaged or missing teeth, they often fall short in terms of overall functionality, stability, and chewing capacity.

Drawbacks of traditional (non-implant) dentures include:

Snap-In Implant Dentures significantly address and improve all of these issues, providing a more effective and stable solution.

Am I a Candidate?

The majority of individuals are eligible candidates! A brief consultation will be necessary to confirm this. During this session, we will conduct a 3-dimensional scan of your jawbones, the doctor will conduct an oral examination, and a detailed discussion of your medical history will take place.

How Many Implants Will I Need?

Snap-In Implant Dentures vs. Traditional Dentures

Snap-In Implant Dentures Cost

Our pricing stands out as the most competitive in the region, all while delivering the optimal final outcome. This is made possible by our exceptionally skilled dentist, who handles the entire procedure from start to finish, in collaboration with a highly trained in-house dental lab technician. Together, they have successfully completed this procedure numerous times, demonstrating their extensive experience and expertise.


Starting as low as: $135/mo

2 Implant


Replaces all of your bottom teeth with a secure denture held in by 2 dental implants.

This price includes 2 dental implants, abutments, snaps, and the snap-in denture. It does not include the price of extraction.

Includes 5 Year Warranty


Starting as low as: $160/mo

4 Implant

Upper OR Lower

Replaces all of your top OR bottom teeth with a secure denture held in by dental implants.

This price includes 4 dental implants, abutments, snaps, and the snap-in denture. It does not include the price of extraction.

Includes 5 Year Warranty

Payment and Financing Choices

Opting for dental implants is a substantial self-improvement choice, and the option to break down this investment into monthly payments can enhance affordability and convenience for your budget. We partner with multiple financing providers to present payment plans that can accommodate either the full cost or a portion of your dental implant procedure.

proceed finance

Extended choices for reduced payments (up to 96 months)


New Patient Exam

No interest for up to 12 months

Extended options for reduced payments (up to 60 months)

Having a co-applicant can boost your approval odds


Typically, one implant is needed for each missing tooth. However, if you have adjacent missing teeth, a dental bridge supported by implants may be a suitable alternative. Your dentist will assess your unique situation to determine the best solution for both function and aesthetics.
Indeed, it’s often possible to place a temporary crown or bridge immediately after implant placement. These temporaries serve both functional and cosmetic purposes during the healing period, allowing you to eat and smile comfortably while your permanent restoration is being crafted.
While most individuals are suitable candidates for dental implants, eligibility depends on factors like overall health, bone density, and oral hygiene. A comprehensive evaluation by a dental professional is essential to assess your specific candidacy and plan a successful implant procedure.
Proper oral hygiene is crucial for implant maintenance. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups are vital. Avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol consumption also contribute to the long-term success of your implants, ensuring their functionality and longevity.
Implant teeth are meticulously designed to closely resemble natural teeth. Your dentist customizes their shape, size, and color to blend seamlessly with your existing dentition, resulting in a natural and harmonious smile.
Yes, dental implants closely replicate the function and sensation of natural teeth. They offer comfort, stability, and biting strength, allowing you to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. Once integrated with your jawbone, they become indistinguishable from natural teeth.
Recovery times vary, but most patients can return to work within a few days after the procedure. For personalized guidance on your specific situation, consult your oral surgeon or dentist.
The implant process involves a consultation, surgical placement, a healing period, and attachment of an abutment and custom crown. This comprehensive process typically spans several months to ensure the implant’s stability and durability.
Dental implants are not designed to be removable. They provide a permanent, fixed solution anchored securely in your jawbone, ensuring stability and reliability for everyday activities.
Yes, various sedation options are available for your comfort during the implant procedure, ranging from local anesthesia to general anesthesia. Your choice depends on your preferences and the complexity of the surgery, discussed with your dentist or oral surgeon.
Typically, post-implant procedure bleeding is minimal and subsides within a day or two. Prolonged or excessive bleeding should prompt you to seek professional guidance from your dentist.
Post-operative discomfort is common but usually mild and manageable with prescribed pain medications. Most patients find any initial discomfort diminishes within a few days, allowing them to resume their daily activities comfortably.

Snap-In Implant Dentures Procedure Timeline

The process typically takes around 6 months from start to finish.



Following the extraction of any remaining teeth and completion of other necessary oral surgery procedures, implants are strategically positioned into the jawbone. Subsequently, these implants, though generally not visible, undergo an untouched period of at least 4 months during which osseointegration occurs—the bonding of the bone to the implants.


Postoperative Care

A prompt postoperative appointment is scheduled for the day after the procedure. During this session, we conduct an assessment of your oral condition, ensure the optimal fit of any dentures, and address any questions you may have.


Soft Liners / Soft Re-Fittings

Soft liners, acting as cushions, are periodically inserted into your denture during the healing process. These liners fill the spaces between your gums and dentures created during the healing phase, providing added comfort and improving the fit of your dentures.



In this smaller surgical procedure, we expose the implants and place small healing abutments on top. This step is crucial for shaping your gum tissue properly, preparing you for the subsequent placement of snap-in dentures.


Attachment of Implants to Dentures

The transition from healing abutments to denture abutments occurs in this stage, where we perform the necessary steps to attach your dentures securely to the implants. While this process is typically completed in a single day, there may be instances where it takes slightly longer.

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Tina Paalman

I smiled all day after my appointment with Westhill Dental. I got two implants and I am so happy. I would recommend everyone to go to get there dentistry done there. Dr Trenton and staff are amazing and caring. They put my mind at ease and helped me through everything.i used to hate going to the dentist but now I look forward to it. Westhill dental educates you and explains every step. I am proud to say I go to Westhill Dental and I will tell everyone I know they are the best.

Abigail Vernon

Great experience today at my first appointment at Westhill Dental in Greenville! Billie was great with being very informative on my x rays, my cleaning, and tips and tricks for future preventative care. Dr Trent was out of the office this week on vacation but I got to meet Dr Ian. I was more than impressed with how personable he was, definitely not the norm with any “medical” appointment. He took the time to explain terms I didn’t understand as well as explain the different options I had for my future dental health. Highly recommend and will be recommending this office to all!

Jen Jirschele

This was my first experience and I appreciate the care that Nicole showed during my cleaning. She explained everything that she was doing and looking for during my new patient visit. Dr. Trent did the same and was very kind and personable. He explained what he was looking for and took the time to have a conversation to connect. I am truly glad I made the switch to Westhill Dental!😁

Emery Seiy

I have been a patient at Westhill Dental for about a year and I have nothing but good to say about Dr. Trent and his team. They are professional but yet so friendly and welcoming. I feel like family in just this short time. I have had exams/cleanings, a sleep study and a crown, and It has been a great experience. So glad I found them! Thank you for the great care.

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