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Tooth Colored Dental Fillings


When decay gets down below the surface enamel and into the dentin of the tooth, we must remove the cavity (also called caries) and fill that space with a restorative material to preserve the tooth. Common filling materials are silver amalgam and composite resin (tooth-colored dental fillings).

We offer two options for fillings.

At Westhill Dental, we use composite resin because of its ability to bond to the tooth and because it looks more natural. Dental composites are tooth-colored. In contrast to silver (amalgam), composite tooth-colored dental fillings are much more conservative because less tooth structure needs to be removed. Additionally, because the composite material bonds to the tooth it adds strength, making it less prone to fracture or breakage in the future.

We also offer amalgam fillings for patients who would like that. We understand costs can be a concern for patients and amalgam can be used safely and in certain locations more effectively than composite.

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