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Digital Dental X-Rays For Better Diagnostics

At Westhill Dental, our office is equipped with advanced digital x-ray technology. This allows us to deliver the highest quality images under the lowest levels of radiation. Digital radiographs produce between 1/10th and 1/100th of the radiation of conventional x-rays making them safer, quicker, and easier than in the past. With a variety of image customization options, we find digital dental x-rays for better diagnostics a better and more thorough look at the teeth rather than old-fashioned film.


When we take a digital radiograph, the image is immediately available on the computer in the treatment room. This allows Dr. Trenton Paffenroth or your hygienist to quickly and thoroughly review your films and include you in a discussion about the results.


Bitewing x-rays are the most common dental radiographs. Our Hygienists and Assistants routinely take four images that will show your upper and lower back teeth biting together. Our Doctors will inspect the spaces between those back teeth so that we can diagnose interproximal ( Between the teeth) decay and check bone levels. We recommend having these films taken every 12-24 months, depending on your caries risk.


At Westhill Dental, we use periapical x-rays (called PAs in dental jargon) to look at the tip of the roots of your teeth and the surrounding bone structure. These x-rays are very useful in cases of trauma or for patients who are experiencing dental pain. These images help Dr. Trenton Paffenroth to view a tooth in its entirety and are used in the treatment planning and treatment of endodontic lesions (root canal therapy).


Panoramic x-rays give us the “big picture” of your teeth and craniofacial structures, including jaw bone and joint and sinuses. Your first panoramic x-ray is necessary between ages 5 – 8 when you start to get your permanent teeth. We may take one earlier if we have concerns with the size of teeth in comparison with jaw size. A Panoramic x-ray is used by the orthodontist to determine those discrepancies and to determine when they will start treatment. We recommend having a panoramic image taken every three to five years so we can keep eye changes that aren’t visible on other types of x-rays and to catch any pathological conditions like oral cancer before they advance. This is the type of x-ray we use for checking wisdom teeth too. We take a Panoramic style of x-ray if patients are complaining of wisdom teeth trouble.

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