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Mouth Guards: 5 Reasons to Wear Playing Sports

Fall Sports are in full swing. While exercise is great for your mind and body, it can be harmful to your teeth without the right protection. Mouth Guards can give you that protection.

Here’s why mouth guards should not be forgotten:

  • The American Dental Association estimates that about one third of all dental injuries are sports related.
  • Using a mouth guard is proven to reduce the risk of sport related dental injuries, preventing over 200,000 of them every year.
  • Mouth guards protect against the following types of injuries: chipping or breaking teeth, damaging dental work like crowns or bridgework. Also, soft tissue injuries to  lips or cheeks and or even fracturing the jaw are seen.
  • If you are an Athlete playing a sport, you should wear a mouth guard. You need to be especially vigilant when playing contact sports like football, hockey, wrestling or boxing.  You should also wear a mouth guard when playing another sport where another athlete or ball could hit you in the face. Trauma from a baseball, volleyball or basketball can cause permanent damage.
  • There are a few different types of mouth guards available. There are some over the counter style Mouth guards that you can find in Sporting Goods Stores. Some are just simple hard plastic that cover the teeth but are loose and sloppy with the fit, as they are a One Size Fits All. Then there are some that you boil in water to soften the plastic, and bite into to customize it to your mouth. These are not the most comfortable, but are better than the loose type. The best is the custom made style made by your dentist. He will provide a mouth guard with a comfortable fit and give you the most protection for your teeth while playing sports. This will be a soft pliable material with no rough edges to irritate the inside of your mouth.
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