Clear Aligners: What Can They Fix?

Clear Aligner Solutions in Greenville, WI

Clear aligners have truly transformed the orthodontic landscape, allowing individuals to discreetly enhance their smiles. These clear, removable aligners make it possible to correct various dental issues while avoiding the discomfort and visibility associated with traditional braces. However, choosing the right orthodontic treatment for your specific needs is important. Although a consultation with our team is essential for making a well-informed decision, here’s a rundown of issues that clear aligners can effectively address a variety of bite corrections.

Crooked Teeth

Clear aligners are highly effective in straightening crooked teeth. They offer a practical solution for discreetly achieving a straighter smile.

Overbite & Underbite

Clear aligners can correct both overbites, where the upper front teeth extend beyond the lower front teeth, and underbites, where the lower jaw protrudes beyond the upper jaw when the mouth is closed. Clear aligners ensure proper alignment when the mouth is shut by repositioning either the upper or lower teeth.


A crossbite occurs when the upper and lower teeth do not align correctly, with either the upper back teeth sitting inside the lower teeth or one or more upper front teeth resting behind the lower front teeth. Clear aligners can effectively realign the teeth, addressing this issue.

Gaps in Teeth & Crowded Teeth

Clear aligners can provide a solution, whether you’re dealing with gaps between your teeth or overcrowding where there isn’t enough space in the jaw for all your teeth. Overcrowded teeth can lead to issues like trapped food and plaque buildup, so addressing this problem is crucial for maintaining oral health.

Limitations of Clear Aligners

While clear aligners are an excellent choice for a range of orthodontic problems, they do have limitations. Traditional braces might be necessary to provide the required force for more severe orthodontic needs, including significant tooth movement. Nonetheless, the capabilities of clear aligners are continually advancing, allowing for the treatment of more complex issues than ever before. If you’re considering clear aligners as a treatment option, feel free to contact our office at 920-954-1110.

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