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Invisalign Dentist in Greenville

What makes Invisalign a preferred choice for teeth straightening?

A straight tooth can not only make you look good by improving your overall appearance but also keep gum and tooth diseases at bay. It is because cleaning straight teeth is easier compared to crooked teeth. Having crooked teeth makes it difficult for the brush to reach the spaces in between. It thus becomes an ideal space for bacteria to grow, causing plaque and tartar. It then begins to impact the health of the teeth. It is where Invisalign plays an essential role. It can deal with dental issues people face, such as crowding of the teeth, irregular tooth spacing, overbite issue, or underbite issue. It is also suitable for resolving open and deep bite problems. Let’s take a detailed look into the various benefits of Invisalign. 

Attain an attractive smile

Your smile will look excellent and healthy when you have perfectly aligned teeth. Since the clear aligners placed by the dentist in Greenville are invisible, you need not feel embarrassed about whether others notice it. Thus Invisalign helps you retain the smile that you have been hiding for years.

Gums remains healthy

Crowded teeth or improperly aligned teeth can be more prone to gum diseases such as periodontitis. Conversely, with a tooth that is appropriately aligned, the gums stick tightly around it. Furthermore, with the removable characteristics of Invisalign aligners, wearers can clean their teeth properly through brushing and flossing, which reduces the possibility of tooth decay or gum diseases.

Cleaning can be done easily

Traditional metal braces are difficult to clean or remove because of the brackets and wires that hinder the cleaning process. With Invisalign, you need not worry about the discomfort in cleaning. Instead, you can easily remove it and place it after cleaning your teeth and mouth. In addition to it, you will have to replace it every two weeks, thus keeping them always new and clean.

Improved bites and speech enhancement

The speech distortions caused due to improperly aligned teeth can also be improved with Invisalign treatment. In addition, the ability to chew appropriately can also be enhanced using Invisalign treatment. Clear pronunciation and precise flow of speech are the key advantages of Invisalign.

Prevents teeth from wearing out faster

By faulty bites, the molars of the teeth are put under more stress. It eventually causes the teeth to wear out faster than usual. Invisalign clear aligners prevent this problem from happening.

The benefits mentioned above make Invisalign the best choice for those looking to correct their misaligned teeth. In need of Invisalign clear aligners? Then contact your nearest dentist in Greenville.