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Dental Emergency? Here’s How to Be Prepared

Let’s face it, accidents and holidays tend to go hand in hand. We are fast approaching Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. In case the kids get too rambunctious, or a little too much eggnog is consumed, here’s how to handle a dental emergency.

If a tooth gets knocked out….this is an Immediate Dental Emergency

You will need to see a Dentist immediately. Find the stray tooth and rinse it with water. First, if possible, try to reposition the tooth where it belongs in the mouth. If you can’t do that, keep the tooth moist in a glass of milk. Most knocked out teeth have a chance of being saved if you see the Dentist within one hour.

If a tooth gets chipped or cracked….

Collect as many pieces of the tooth as you can. Then rinse the mouth with warm water to clear away any other broken pieces that may still be there. If there is bleeding, use a gauze and apply to the site until the bleeding stops. Then, apply a cold compress to keep the swelling down. Visit the Dentist as soon as possible.

If someone has a toothache….

There are many potential underlying causes of a toothache. It’s best to go to the Dentist as soon as you can, but in the meantime you can try to ease the pain.  First, Brush and Floss your teeth to remove any stuck food. Then, Apply a cold compress. Third, take an over the counter pain killer. If you have swelling of your face, jaw area or inside of your mouth, it is best to call us.

Hopefully your Holidays will be accident free, but it’s a great idea to be prepared just in case!

In conclusion, We can be reached on the week nights and weekends by calling our office number 920-733-2445 and there is a message of who to call. Dr.’s  Jeff and Trent want our patients to be comfortable and not in pain.