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Westhill Dental in Greenville, WI is partnering with Flannel Check to let you know that there is more to your regular dental cleaning and exam than just keeping your teeth and gums clean.

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. According to The Oral Cancer Foundation, one thing that makes oral cancer so dangerous is that in its early stages, it can go unnoticed. Oral cancer can be painless and show minimal amounts of physical change. Dental providers are the first line of defense in early detection of oral diseases. If detected early the five-year survival rate for Oral Cancer can be as high as 94%. This drops as low as 20% if diagnosed at a later state.

Each time you have a dental exam, your provider performs a thorough oral cancer screening. According to the American Dental Association, 40% of all Americans don’t see the dentist every year and the American Cancer Society says that one in five cases are fatal due to late discovery. Early detection is key! If you are one of the 40% of Americans who does not see the dentist regularly, schedule an appointment with a dental provider today and start getting routine exams.

For the month of April, current and new patients at Westhill Dental wearing flannel to their appointment will be entered to win a $150 Visa gift card!

Flannel Check in a non-profit organization focusing on saving lives through early detection and screening. The message is simple: wear flannel, schedule your annual exam, and together we can fight/cure diseases early. Why Flannel? Every disease has its own color ribbon (e.g. breast cancer has a pink ribbon, prostate cancer has a blue ribbon, oral cancer has a burgundy and white ribbon, etc.). When you combine all diseases together it creates one pattern – flannel! For more information about this 100% volunteer organization visit www.flannelcheck.org