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Dental Implants

What is the importance of dental implants?

Dental implants are one of the best tooth-replacement methods available in dentistry. Those with lost teeth or missing teeth are the ones who prefer dental implant treatment the most. A tooth can be lost due to several factors such as accident, trauma, tooth decay, or gingivitis. There was a time when the only option to replace a missing tooth was through bridges or dentures. The introduction of dental implants has become one of the favorite tooth replacement options among dental professionals and patients. 

Implants by Greenville dentists give the patient a similar look to that of a natural tooth. Implants, however, are built on a strong foundation. It is composed of titanium. Once the implants are inserted, they gradually fuse with the jaw bone and become a permanent tooth replacement. Other options such as dentures or bridges are more likely to cause speech issues in the patient. With implants, such problems can be eliminated. It also allows the patient to speak clearly. 

Patients who have worn dentures are well aware of the discomfort it has caused them. Implants, however, are more convenient compared to dentures. Chewing the food is challenging for those using dentures. With dental implants, the patient can chew the food of their choice without worrying about discomfort.  

Titanium implants have a high success rate. The implants’ location within the jaw defines the procedure’s success rate. If maintained properly, the implants provided by a dentist in Greenville can last for a lifetime. Moreover, dental implants are not suitable for all. There are a few criteria that a person will have to qualify for dental implant treatment. The person should have good physical as well as oral health. They also should have healthy gums and enough dental bones so that the dental implants can be firmly put in place. Those who smoke regularly, have heart-related diseases, and have undergone radiation therapy are not eligible for dental implants. 

Since dental implants are categorized under cosmetic dentistry, you will have to check with the dental clinic or insurance provider to know whether it is covered under your dental insurance or not. The reason for your teeth loss and the plan that you have chosen will determine how much is covered under the medical insurance. Lots of dental clinics provide dental implant procedures for patients. However, you have to choose the right dentist in Greenville to experience the best-in-class treatment and precise results.