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How Can Veneers Improve the Appearance of Your Teeth?

Healthy and strong teeth are the number one priority of dental health. But some teeth may not lo very attractive even if they are perfectly healthy. This will affect the appearance of your smile. Flawed teeth can make you look less attractive when you smile. Dental veneers are a cost-effective solution to improving the appearance of your smile and fix minor issues such as slightly flawed teeth or stained teeth. The thin layered dental veneers in Appleton are instrumental in covering unsightly teeth and giving them a new look. The best part about using dental veneers is that they are minimally invasive to the teeth.

Here are the four key appearance problems that a cosmetic dentist in Greenville can fix using dental veneers:

  1. Discolored Teeth – Teeth discoloration is common and can occur due to a number of reasons such as – consumption of food and beverages that cause discoloration and age-related yellowing of teeth. In some general cases, the natural brightness of the teeth can be restored by teeth whitening or maintaining proper oral hygiene. However, in other cases where the teeth discoloration is quite deep; simple external teeth whitening will not be of any help. Dental veneers are a suitable choice in such cases. They are available in life-like colors to match with your teeth and provide a permanent bright smile.
  2. Chipped or Worn Out Teeth – While the enamel is the hardest part of the body, your teeth can still experience damage. A significant injury to the mouth can cause chipping of the tooth. Habits like teeth grinding can also result in abnormal wear, leading to a shorter appearance of the teeth. Some people are even born with one or more teeth that are shaped oddly or have a different shape as compared to the rest of the teeth. All these factors can affect the appearance of your smile. Customized veneers can help you restore a perfect, even smile by giving a more attractive shape to your teeth.
  3. Uneven Size – Normally, the size of your teeth should be proportional to your lips and the amount of gums that show when you smile. Shorter teeth can upset this proportion and affect the way your smile looks. Dental veneers can lengthen your teeth to achieve a more attractive size. However, there is a limit to the length enhancement using veneers. If you have lost a good proportion of your teeth due to an injury or any other reason, a crown would be a more suitable option.
  4. Misaligned Teeth or Large Gaps – Crooked teeth, excessive gaps between teeth or bite issues require orthodontic treatments. H0owevere, if these alignment and spacing issues are minor, veneers can fix them. For slightly crooked teeth or minute gaps between two teeth, dental veneers may be a more cost-effective solution and can produce results in a much shorter period of time. In some cases, your dentist may use a combination of orthodontic treatments and dental veneers to achieve a perfect smile.

According to your needs, you can get one or more veneers to create a perfectly symmetrical smile. Most commonly, veneers are applied for cosmetic enhancement to the front eight teeth. What’s more, dental veneers easily last for 10 to 15 years when cared for and do not require any specific upkeep. Just a normal daily dental hygiene routine is sufficient to maintain the good condition of your dental veneers. If you also want to change something about your smile, a veneer dentist near you can help in determining if veneers are the right choice for your condition and the number of veneers you should get.