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Bad Habits for Teeth – How to Avoid Them

Are you damaging your teeth without even knowing it? Every day habit that seem innocent may actually be wrecking your teeth and playing havoc on your mouth. Here are Bad Habits for teeth and how to avoid them.

Worst Offenders:

Using Teeth as a Tool:

We’re all guilty of prying packing or ripping tags off with our teeth. That needs to STOP! Instead, use an actual tool like a scissors. Or, for your convenience, use a small multi tool keychain so you are always prepared.

Nail Biting:

Biting your nails is no hygienic and puts you at risks to pick up illnesses. This can also permanently damage the nail. Furthermore, just like using your teeth as a tool, it can cause damage to your teeth. Try kicking the habit by getting manicures. Sometimes, by having a nice manicure, not only do the edges of your nails feel smooth, but they look nice too. This should help motivate you not to bite the nails, wrecking the look of the manicure.

Chewing Ice:

While it may feel refreshing, chewing ice puts a great deal of strain and unnecessary pressure on your teeth. The coldness of the ice with the biting force can cause thermal shock to your tooth. This increases the risk of fracturing your teeth. If you must chew something, try sugar free gum. And, if you have persistent urges to chew, talk to your Doctor. Studies show iron deficiency anemia may make people more likely to chew ice.

Using Toothpicks Incorrectly:

Frequent and overly aggressive use of toothpicks can damage teeth and gums. If you have an annoying piece of food stuck in your teeth, Dentists agree it is ok to use toothpicks. They recommend you use them sparingly and gently. Flossing and Brushing are preferred methods of cleaning between the teeth. There is a product called * SoftPicks that is great for removing stuck food from between the teeth. This will not clean under the gum, but slides between the teeth, grabbing it and pulling it free.

Avoiding the Bad Habits for teeth will help you keep your smile healthy for many years.