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Avoiding Extra Weight Gain During the Holidays

November 25, 2016

We are heading into Fall and a lot of us will head into many days filled with hearty foods. This comes along with the Holiday eating and treats. It’s an easy thing to look forward to.  But, even easier to fall back into bad eating habits after a summer of eating relatively light, fresh and full of fruits and veggies. Avoid extra weight gain during the holidays by following our tips.

Portion Control to prevent weight gain

One of the things people struggle with most is portion control. It can be hard,  as you are watching the game on a weekend next to a table full of snacks. Or, You may be heading to a family dinner where eating is almost a competitive sport itself.

If that describes you, you might want to look to your teeth to help keep your portions in control. What do we mean? Simply put, EAT SLOWER.

Many people who struggle with portion control are eating too quickly and not taking time to chew and enjoy their food. As a result, their bodies are not recognizing that 1. They are full. 2. Food tastes really good and we should take the time to enjoy it. When you are shoveling food into your mouth, you can quickly forget what it actually tastes like, and that triggers impulses in your brain to head back for more.

Here is what you need to do next time you find yourself with an opportunity for High-Calorie eating or snacking:

Tips for Better control of your eating

  • Avoid distractions. Food is an experience. Enjoy your sense of taste – do not deprive it by distracting yourself through one of your other senses ( Like watching Football on TV)
  • Start with smaller portions to begin with. Use a smaller plate to serve yourself. This gives the image of a full plate, but with less food.
  • Take small bites.
  • Chew slowly and intently We have to crush our food to make it easier to digest. Do that and you will make things easier on your stomach too.
  • Consciously enjoy your food. Really taste it. Do you like it? You may be surprised to find some foods that you have been eating for years are not really satisfying at all.

If you follow our tips, this should help you avoid extra weight gain during the holidays making them more enjoyable for you in the long run.

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